Growing Flowers Organically

Q: I want to start a small organic online plant nursery. I have lots of pest insects so I released 1500 ladybugs not long ago. Is my hope for an organic nursery a lost cause or are there other all natural and safe organic pest controls that I could put into place?

A: Growing flowers organically in Georgia is difficult but not impossible. I think your first step is to teach yourself to identify exactly all of the insects you are finding. Organic insect control is very specific. You have to know what creature you are trying to control and match it with the organic control method. Ladybugs are useful in some cases but useless in others.

The same advice applies to diseases. You have to know whether the disease is caused by fungus or bacteria or virus. Each one requires different means of control.

If you are selling things, you need to comply with business license and tax law.

One of the very best resources is the Georgia Organics organization.

They sponsor field days and meetings where you can meet other people who are trying to do the same thing you are and learn from them.

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