Hollow Tree – Rocks in Center

Q: I cut down a big red oak tree and found rocks in the hollow center. How did they get there? Possibilities include: long ago damage to tree and rocks were dumped in via the top (but there are no visible openings); perhaps it was an old well and the tree grew around it; maybe it is/was a Cherokee ceremonial altar. There is still fresh water in the trunk.

A: I like your guesses. I’ll add my own: perhaps there is/was a spring in the ground. A hundred years ago people put rocks on the spring to keep the water clear. An acorn fell one day and took root and grew for many years into a stately oak tree. As the tree grew, it emcompassed and incorporated the rocks.

Don’t you wish we had a time machine?

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Randy S. adds:

Old timers used to put a circle of rocks around newly planted trees or just a small “sprung up” tree they found in their yard.  On our 1920’s city of Atl. property I continue to come across rock circles way in the back of the property around trees.  Most are buried under years of mulch and dirt.  Little trees just grow over them.

tree with rocks 1

tree with rocks 2

tree with rocks 3

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