Hornet Nest – Removing from Leyland Cypress

Q: My neighbor noticed a large hornet’s nest in a branch of my Leyland cypress. It’s about 15 feet in the air and embedded in 1 or 2 of the branches for support. Is there a practical way to get it down and preserve the nest?

A: I think you should certainly try to get it! After a hard freeze (when the night time temperature has remained below 32 degrees for six hours) the insects inside the nest will be dead. To be completely safe, cut the nest from the tree and put it in a plastic garbage bag. Close it up tightly and bring it indoors for a day or two. If no hornets have hatched, you can be assured they are all deceased. If a few hatch, just squirt a tiny bit of bug spray into the bag and close it tight again for a day. That will fumigate anything that might still be living.

Preserving a Hornet Nest

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