How Do Get New Areas To Grow Moss And How To Control Weeds?

Q: I have a nice, flat backyard that will not grow grass, but does grow moss, which I love. Moss is green, it’s good for croquet, and I don’t have to cut it. How do you get new areas to grow moss and how do I control weeds? 

A: Moss can certainly be an attractive alternative to grass in a lawn. If you have shade and lots of clay in your soil, you only need occasional watering to keep moss happy. I’ll bet you have neighbors who also have moss patches but who are not so enamored with it as you. Use a spatula to lift patches of moss and put them where you want moss to grow. When it’s dry in summertime you may need to water your moss briefly each day to keep it green. In my experience a quick mist of glyphosate (Roundup, etc) will kill the weeds growing in moss without hurting the moss itself. I have more tips on growing moss at

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