How To Safely Remove Poison Oak Without Herbicides?

Q: How can I safely remove poison oak without using herbicides? 

A: If you persistently chop off the leaves, using a hoe or similar, the plant will
soon starve to death. Or you could get a ten-gallon plastic garbage bag, put

one hand inside and use that plastic-
protected hand to grasp and pull the vine firmly. Once the vine is loosened,

roots and all, pull the bag back over your hand, thus capturing the vine in the
bag with no contact to your skin. If you don’t mind using an organic herbicide
spray, ammonium nonanoate (Ortho GroundClear) is listed by the Organic
Materials Review Institute (OMRI) as suitable for organic gardening. This
herbicidal soap drys out leaves, with the effect seen in an hour.

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