How to Start a Landscape Career

Q: I work full time but I have aspirations of becoming the best lawn service/landscape company in my area.

Can you recommend a starting point, from an educational standpoint, and where I can obtain the certifications needed to reach this goal?

A: I have a Five-Step Program for you:

#1 Call your local UGA Extension office at 1-800-ASKUGA-1 and find out about upcoming pesticide license exams.

You are required to have a pesticide license, a pesticide contractors license and a business license before you start. See How to Choose a Landscape Company

#2 Attend professional landscaper meetings which can be found at MALTA.

#3 Consider joining the Georgia Green Industry Association or the Georgia Turfgrass Association or the Metro Atlanta Landscape and Turfgrass Association.

#4 Get a free subscription to Landscape Management magazine.

#5 Start advertising, making money and enjoying your new career!

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