‘Lavender Wave’ petunia – growing

Q: I twice planted some ‘Lavender Wave’ petunias for a friend of mine. They are not thriving. The petunias there last year grew wonderfully. Could it be that there is not enough drainage?

A: Although I’ve seen spectacular displays of ‘Wave’ petunias, they can sometimes be problematic. In my experience, these newer petunias are more sensitive to wet soil than older types. I also suspect that some are over-watered in the nursery and may bring the beginnings of root rot with them at planting.

Check the pre-purchase health of petunia roots by pulling a couple of plants from their pots. Plant in free-draining soil that has plenty of coarse sand mixed in. Water deeply once per week and feed often. These steps seem to be key to having good-looking ‘Wave’ petunias.

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