Leyland Cypress – Poor Watering

Q: I planted 4 Leyland Cyress trees last spring. By late summer one had turned pale green with droopy branches. The branches eventually turned brown and died.

The landscaper who planted the trees replaced the tree in late fall. The same condition is occuring again.

The landscaper is telling me that there must be a disease in the soil that is causing this condition.

He says that using lime will kill any disease that may be in the soil. However I am looking for another informed opinion.

A: I hate to disagree with a green industry colleague but I think the problem is poor watering – not a disease in the soil.

Lime will do nothing in that regard (nor will anything else).

I’d bite the bullet and buy another tree, till the soil in a circle six feet wide – and make absolutely sure to water it deeply (15 gallons) once per week from spring until September.

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