Loropetalum Stem Gall – Will It Infect Nearby Plants?

stem gall distylium

Q: I did some pruning and discovered my shrubs have a severe case of loropetalum stem gall. I know it’s fatal, but the infected plants are near some distylium. Will they be infected?

A: Loropetalum gall spreads by water movement and contaminated tools used for pruning. The good news is that distylium shrubs do not get this gall. Depending on the severity of your infection you could replace all of the infected loropetalum shrubs with distylium. This new shrub has been described as a Southern gardener’s dream. It grows in light shade to full sun, it has few insect or disease pests, it has flowers in the spring, and it is tough as nails. There already several varieties available, ranging from the big and bulky Linebacker to the short and cascading Vintage Jade.

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