Medinilla magnificia – Leaves Starting To Curl

Q: I was given a medinilla plant for Mothers Day. It has done well and has sprouted new leaves. But recently I have noticed the leaves are curling up on the edges. What is wrong?

A: Medinilla magnifica is a tropical plant native to the Philippines, where it grows as a small shrub. The intense pink flowers on drooping stems are wonderfully eye catching. The trick to growing yours is putting it in a place that mimics its tropical home. While it’s indoors in winter it would like a sunny windowsill without cold drafts on the leaves. In summer, place it in a brightly shaded spot. Overwatering can be a problem; make a note to check the soil with your fingers every other day to see if it needs more water to keep the soil moist but never soggy. Give it houseplant fertilizer every two weeks.

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