Methods To Kill Bamboo

Q: I heard you say on the radio that no herbicides will kill bamboo. I have had reasonable success killing bamboo by cutting every cane a little above ground level, just below a joint. I then fill the cell, which is now like a cup, with properly diluted Roundup Extended Control. This process seems to kill up to a square yard of bamboo and it doesn’t seem to hurt nearby worthwhile plants. A few days later you can cut the stumps at ground level. 

A: Your technique may have merit in some situations if you don’t have too much bamboo. But remember that Roundup Extended Control contains glyphosate plus imazapic, and the second chemical can last in soil up to four months.

If you don’t intend to plant anything where the bamboo was growing, this product might work but you will have to wait four months if you want to safely install another plant.

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