Moss Lawn – Growing

Q: I’ve read about planting moss lawns, but can’t find anyone in Atlanta that knows about it. I have a very large tree in my front yard that doesn’t allow for grass growing. How do I control weeds?.

A: Having a moss lawn is tempting when your grass dies due to shade but its care is almost as exacting as a lawn. Remember that moss loves excess moisture, clay soil and shade: the same three things grass abhors. That’s why grass won’t grow under your tree.

One way to control weeds is to clip them at the base with scissors. Most of them are annuals and if you get to them before they drop seed the weed problems will diminish over time. Even grass, regularly cut low, has a hard time recovering, especially in semi-shade where I assume your moss bed is located.

I have had success lightly spraying weeds with half-strength Roundup, which doesn’t seem to hurt the moss.

Your two biggest chores will be providing constant moisture in summer and being persistent about weed control.

If you can provide the right conditions, your mossy area can be very attractive.


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