Mummy Berry Disease – Treatment

Q: I have several blueberry bushes that have developed mummy berry disease. I have been unable to find recommended fungicides like Indor, Quash, Orbit, Omega, Pristine, or Serenade. Can you recommend a product to treat this?

A: Most of the fungicides you mention are labeled for commercial users. This may be because they are very concentrated, highly toxic to fish, terribly expensive, or require protective clothing when applied. I believe the fungicide Captan (click for sources) is labeled for homeowner use on fruit plants. If this is so, spray your blueberries when the leaf buds swell and twice more at two week intervals. Serenade (click for sources) is a biofungicide but will only suppress the disease. Be sure to remove all berry mummies each summer and replace mulch under the plants each year.

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