New Guinea Impatiens – Winter Care

Q: We purchased New Guinea Impatiens last summer and planted them in a container. All summer/fall they had great foliage but only 1 bloom !! When the first freeze came they still had great foliage so I brought them in the sun-room guessing they would soon die. To our amazement a short time later a few buds appeared and there were lots of gorgeous blooms all winter long.

About a week ago they started looking leggy so yesterday I put them back on the deck. What, if any, action now?

A: I’d feed them lightly and keep them in semi-shade for a couple of weeks. My bet is that new leaves will pop out of the lower stems. Once that happens, you can cut off the leggy tops. In my experience, New Guinea impatiens like morning sunshine, afternoon shade and light feeding every four weeks in summer.

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