Nutsedge – Control With Water Weeder

Q: We have struggled all summer with nut grass in our garden. We have been advised the only way to get rid of it is to move away. Do you have any less drastic suggestions?

A: Nutsedge is a terribly invasive weed. It spreads by underground runners that make “nuts” every couple of inches. Since a new plant can sprout from each nut, nutsedge can quickly cover an area. Pulling it does little good because the nuts you leave behind continue to sprout.

Fortunately, I found a tool that uses water pressure to liquefy the soil around each plant, allowing many nuts to be extricated at once. I used a Water Weeder from Lee Valley Tools ( and pulled enough nutsedge to get rid of it in my garden.

water weeder

Water weeder vs wild onion

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