Palm – Boron Deficiency

Q: I’m in Bradenton, Florida and we have a triple foxtail palm that was installed by a tree company two years ago. Six months ago the center fronds grew really long and then just fell over dead. New ones that are coming out are curly and stunted. The same thing has happened to my pigmy date palm. Can you tell me what is wrong?

A: Monica L. Elliott at the University of Florida says

The pygmy date palm is definitely showing signs of boron deficiency.

I think the foxtail palm is/was boron deficiency also, but appears to be growing out of it. If that one leaf that is just the petiole remaining grew like that (i.e., sideway, or downwards), then that is boron deficiency. As long as the next leaves are emerging and growing normally, then it was just a transient boron deficiency.

This Florida publication has great pictures and recommended cures.

palm boron deficiency 1

palm boron deficiency 2

palm boron deficiency 3

palm pigmy boron deficiency 4

pigmy date palm

palm pigmy boron deficiency 5

pigmy date palm

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