Pampas Grass – Dividing

Q: I’m having a problem with my two pampas grass plants. They are ten years old. The last two years they gradually dry up each winter and only partially grow back in the spring.

Each fall, I cut the dry stalks and leaves off but there still remain a lot of dead area inside the plant. The middle seems to be composed almost entirely of wet and dead foliage and only the outside is green. Any ideas?

A: Your pampas grass clumps have simply become too old and crowded. They need to be divided.

Next March dig up each clump. You’ll need help, this is a hard job! Split each clump into thirds with the tip of your shovel. Plant each section in a separate spot in your landscape or give away what you don’t need.

Fertilize lightly after planting and once again in April and May. Water weekly until June. The ornamental grass clumps will recover their vigor as they grow larger during the summer.

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