Pecan Trees Dropping Nuts Early

Q: I have several pecan trees around me, and for the last two years, they have dropped their nuts early before they have matured. I was wondering what causes this. 

A: Your pecan has scab disease. Our heat and high humidity make conditions perfect for this fungal disease to develop. Unfortunately, homeowner control is well nigh hopeless. Pecan farmers have huge blowers that spray fungicide to the top of their trees. Complete coverage is necessary to stop infection. So what is left for you to do? Rake up and remove fallen leaves and infected pecans regularly, spring through fall. This is the best suggestion I have. If you have a dry spring, you may have a great pecan crop. Wet and warm springs may result in no edible pecans at all. If you have the opportunity to plant new trees, plant scab-resistant varieties like ‘Stuart’, ‘Elliott’, ‘Curtis’, and ‘Gloria Grande.’

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