Peony – Pruning Seedpods

Q: I have successfully transplanted some fragrant peonies from Kentucky. After the bloom drops, the cluster of seedpods remains. Should those pods be pruned?

A: Since no new flowers are expected after springtime, peony seedpods don’t interfere with subsequent blooming. But they do detract from the plant’s summer beauty so most folks remove them when noticed.

There’s no need to remove any foliage before it turns brown in November. At that point you can prune common peony back to the ground.

Note: if you have a tree peony, do not prune it to the ground: leave the brown structural twigs in place.

Tip: since I don’t want to step on my peony clumps in winter, I cut the top of old plastic pots to make a 1″ wide rim and put it around dormant plants to make them more noticeable.

peony seedpod

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