Poison Ivy – Pictures and Mimics

poison ivy seed

Poison ivy can easily be mistaken for other flora outdoors.

Poison Ivy Control

Just in case you are unsure which “leaflets of three” to avoid, here are pictures of poison ivy and its mimics.

Note the “leaflets of five” leaf in the third picture. The five leaflets signify Virginia creeper – a harmless vine that unfortunately grows in the same environment as poison ivy.

poison ivy leaf – note that the two side leaflets are asymetrical: one side of the mid-vein is not like the other side

young poison ivy leaf

Virginia creeper (lt) vs. poison ivy (rt)

note the maroon center where poison ivy leaflets leaflets join

boxelder maple – note the symmetry of the side leaflets. The leaves are very similar to poison ivy but this seedling tree is usually more erect than the poison ivy vine

blackberry – note the spines on the stem

poison oak – note the “oak-like” appearance of the leaflets

poison oak berries – unlike the white berries of poison ivy; poison oak berries are also slightly hairy

poison ivy seed

poison ivy seed (berries)

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