Remove Lower Limbs to Make Tree Grow Taller?

Q: I have a large Maple tree in my front yard that I installed 8 years ago. It’s been thriving and we love it. I’d like to cut the lower couple large branches off in hopes of promoting it to grow taller so I get shade but it doesn’t obscure our view (our house is lower than the street). If I cut the limbs will it promote taller growth?

A: Chris Heim at Davey Tree says:

I see no problem removing a limb or two to elevate the canopy. However, I do not see this stimulating top growth in any way. The tree will adapt and grow based on the current site. If it needs to grow tall to compete for sunlight, it will. If it has no competition for sunlight and is exposed to more wind, it will develop a more spreading canopy with thicker trunk and limbs to counter the wind. It all depends on the site.

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