Magnolia – Plant from Seed

Q: My big magnolia tree bloomed wonderfully this year. Now it has big pods with red seeds. I want to plant the seed and grow more of them to put on our farm. How does one plant magnolia seed?

A: One plants magnolia seed only after deciding if it is really worth the effort. While it is not likely that pollen from a different “ugly” magnolia pollinated your tree, it is always a chance. But Dr. Jim Midcap, Extension Horticulturist says that even if your tree pollinated itself, the seedling might not be identical to the parent. You won’t realize this, of course, until a decade has passed and the tree begins blooming.

Digging seedling magnolias (or dogwoods) out of the woods to put in your yard is a gamble. You don’t know what you have for years and years. Why not spend a few dollars and install a nice small magnolia like ‘Little Gem’ or one with pretty blooms and leaves. Dr. Midcap recommends ‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty’ and ‘Claudia Wannamaker’ for large-sized magnolias.

Planting Magnolia Seed

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