Removing Dead Fig Tree Limbs

Losing Leaves

Q: The very cold weather at the first of the year killed some limbs on my fig trees. When is the best time to remove the dead limbs? 

A: Dead limbs can be removed at any time of the year. But the additional decisions you make now will affect your fig crop next year. The remaining limbs on your bush should have lots of leaves and fruit now in August (early fruiting varieties might have already had ripe fruit). If you don’t see this vigorous growth, then these limbs should be removed as well. They were partially frozen and will never produce well. If you see weak growth all over, it’s not inconceivable that your fig will need to be cut to the ground. But your fig is not yet dead. You’ll have a big root system left. It will be ready to fuel rapid growth next spring, with lots of figs to follow.

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