Scarlet Hibiscus – Propagating

Q: Last Saturday on radio you talked about a Hibiscus coccineus. I have had one of those hibiscuses for several years and never knew the real name. My question is, how do you propagate them?

A: Theresa Schrum replies: “I have propagated my Hibiscus coccineus from seed. I collected the ripe seed in the early fall and had to scarify (rough them up in fine sandpaper) then stratify (cold storage in moist growing medium at 40 degrees) for 90 days followed by a moist 70 degree temperature. They did germinate. However, you can also propagate them by taking softwood cuttings in early summer. It may not be too late to try this method. I was somewhat disappointed with the germination rates I had from seed.”

scarlet hibiscus

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