Spathiphyllum – Root Rot

Q: I have had a peace lily for several months. It is looking like it needs water, but yet the soil is wet. What should I do to save this plant? I have this plant in corner of the room behind the sofa with a light that stays on all the time.

A: It looks like the beginning of root rot to me. I think you have given the plant too much water in your enthusiasm for keeping it happy.

Take it out of the pot and cut away all smelly, rotten roots. Get a new clay pot and replant the peace lily in it using high-quality potting soil. Put a saucer under the plant to catch any runoff.

In the future, push a finger an inch into the soil before you think it needs watering. If your finger is dry, it’s time to water. If your finger is damp after pushing it in the soil, wait three days before checking again.

If you don’t want to get your fingers dirty, spathiphyllum is good about “telling you” when it needs water. Learn to look out for slightly droopy leaves and water then.

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