The “Ellen White Method” For Planting Trees In Big Holes

Q: What are your thoughts on the “Ellen White Method” for planting trees in a big hole? 

A: I had never heard of this, so I did a quick online search. One of the first links I found mentioned changing the electromagnetic field by laying rocks under the tree. This made me suspect that this planting technique might not be based on science. Further reading convinced me that this is a terrible way to plant trees. Digging a hole deeper than the root ball is never advisable. The tree will eventually sink into the soft soil. Layering the rocks, topsoil, and subsoil will create big problems for root expansion. Transitions between one soil texture to another greatly inhibits roots. My tips? Dig a hole no deeper than the root ball but six times as wide; wash soil from the roots and straighten them outwards; cover the roots with the soil you removed and mulch with arborist woodchips. Success is yours!

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