Tree – Tangerines and Limes?

Q: A lady told me about being at her mother’s home in south Georgia and seeing tangerines on a tree. Her mother claims that it had previously yielded 250 limes. Can you explain?

A: I can think of two (no, three!) possible explanations. #1: The tree was originally a lime tree that was grafted onto a common tangerine rootstock. Over time the rootstock might have sprouted and outgrown the lime-producing part of the tree. #2: The tree is a satsuma or a citrangequat. Both fruit trees are reasonable cold tolerant and might grow well in south Georgia. #3: It’s a trifoliate orange (Poncirus trifoliata) tree/bush. Fruit on this plant can range in color from green to bright yellow. Run these answers past your friend and see what fits.

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