Viburnum – Pollination

Although hollies are better-known for their berries, viburnum shrubs can also have striking fruit each fall.

Two of the best fruiting viburnums are tea viburnum, Viburnum setigerum and Linden viburnum, Viburnum dilatatum.

Just as with hollies, good pollination produces best fruiting. The best way to insure good fruit set is to plant another variety of the same viburnum species nearby. ‘Michael Dodge’, ‘Mt. Airy’ and ‘Asian Beauty’ are all good varieties of Linden viburnum.

Viburnum plicatum, Japanese snowball viburnum, is a non-fruiting plant with sterile rounded flowers.

Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum, Doublefile viburnum, has flat-topped flowers and can set fruit, if you have varieties such as ‘Shasta’, ‘Summer Snowflake’ or ‘Mariesii’ close by.

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