Weeds – What To Do With Them

Q: My husband and I are having a minor disagreement. He has become obsessed with weeds. He has learned their names and spends hours picking them. However, he pulls them and simply throws them back down. What is the best thing to do with the weeds once picked?

A: As with any marital dispute, the answer is “It all depends…”

In your case, it depends on how mature the weed is when your husband plucks it. If it has mature seeds on it, he should collect them in a little bucket and discard them in a safe place. It seems to me that he is very diligent and is probably eliminating them before they have mature seed. Perhaps you could ask him to toss them under a bush where they won’t be seen. I applaud his obsession with identifying the weeds. Every weed has a weakness that can be exploited. By knowing exactly what weed is present, your husband will have a much easier time finding an easy way to control them.

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