Which Plants In My Landscape Are Poisonous?

Q: I have young children and would like to know which plants in my landscape are poisonous.

A: Many landscape plants and houseplants are “poisonous” to one degree or another. It is always important to remember that “The dose makes the poison.“ One chewed berry from a plant might be harmless but a fistful that were chewed and swallowed could be dangerous. Nandina, holly, liriope and viburnum berries are not particularly dangerous, although all can cause stomach upset when consumed in large quantities. Several common landscape plants can be dangerous if their leaves are consumed, including boxwood, azalea, arborvitae, and hydrangea. Most, but not all, poisonous leaves are quite bitter, which limits the number that might be accidentally eaten. More poisonous plant lists at bit.ly/GApoison.

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