Wick Applicator – For Herbicide

Q: How can I build a herbicide applicator using PVC pipe and a wick? The idea is that you use a section of PVC pipe as a wand, pour the herbicide inside, and the bottom of the wand has a wick that you use to brush the concentrated herbicide onto weeds avoiding drift of the herbicide onto nearby plants.

My question is, what material is recommended as a wick and how is the fitting designed so that it doesn’t leak?

I know this type of applicator is used in agriculture to apply herbicide to weeds growing taller than crops, but I need a little help in fabricating the wick end so that it doesn’t leak yet delivers enough herbicide to be effective.

A: You can make a rope applicator if you care to but they are inexpensive to buy online.

The rope is 3/4 inch soft braided nylon that you can get from a home improvement store. A rubber “cone washer” could be used instead of string at the end of the applicator to hold the rope in place.

Build your own applicator

Buy a wick applicator (click for sources)

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