Yucca – Pruning

Q: I have several clusters of yucca plants around my yard. Most of them are four or five feet tall. Some of the taller ones have begun to flop over and lay down along the ground.What will happen if I lop off a few feet from some of these plants?

A: Yucca, also known as Spanish bayonet, is famous for its needle-sharp leaves. It can be a real health hazard if it grows too close to where you walk. The giant plumes of white flowers in summer almost make up for the need for a yearly tetanus shot if you grow it. The plant elongates as it grows; flopping is a natural way for it to spread. You can cut off whatever length seems appropriate to keep the yucca in bounds. Like most woody plants it will re-sprout near the cut end. The sprouts can be left to grow until they get too long as well.

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