Bermuda Lawn – Should I Use A Weed Preventer And Fertilizer?

bermuda preventer

Q: I’ve never put fertilizer on my bermuda lawn in November. This year I want to put something down to help control the henbit that comes in hard every year. One company has a 10-0-14 “Winterizer and Weed Preventer”. Should I go with fertilizer and preventer or stick with preventer only? 

A: Apply a weed preventer only. Bermuda roots don’t absorb nutrients in cold soil so no fertilizer is useful from September through May. Henbit germinates as soil temperatures cool from 70 to 60. Consider changing your weed preventer application date to late September. Read the label of products you’re considering to be sure they control henbit. You can increase control by managing your lawn to have thick, competitive grass. Additionally, apply a broadleaf weed control in early November to kill any weed plants that escape your pre-emergent.

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