Bermuda – Removing from Lily Bed

Q: I have a bought a house that has bermudagrass and HAD an island with gorgeous lilies in it… however the bermudagrass has spread over into where the lilies are. How can I kill the bermudagrass without killing the lilies?

A: The herbicides fluazifop (Grass B Gon, etc) and sethoxydim (Vantage) can be used in some cases…. but not all ornamentals are tolerant of these chemicals.

In my landscape, I use a piece of cardboard to shield my flowers as I spray glyphosate (Roundup, etc) onto the bermudagrass. I examine my flowerbeds every few weeks in summer and re-treat as necessary.

If a flowerbed is next to a bermudagrass lawn, consider installing a six inch wide “no grass” border of bark chips or brick pavers between the two areas. Spray or pull any grass that tries to invade the bed across the narrow strip.

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