Bermudagrass In My Zoysia Lawn

Q: I have Bermuda grass coming up in my zoysia lawn. Is there a way to eradicate it chemically? 

A: The selective removal of one perennial grass from another perennial grass is a tedious project requiring a lot of diligence. It is very hard for weed control chemicals to tell grasses apart. Bermuda grass and zoysia grass are similar in growth habits and appearance. So it is very hard to get Bermuda grass out of a zoysia lawn. The post-emergence herbicide Fusilade II (active ingredient fluazifop-P-butyl) is labeled by one manufacturer for control of Bermuda grass in zoysia. However, the label states: For use only by commercial or licensed applicators when applications are to be made in or around homes. Not for use on home lawns. Consider using Acclaim Extra (active ingredient fenoxaprop-p-ethyl). It is labeled for Bermuda grass suppression in a zoysia lawn. Unfortunately, there is no herbicide that will completely kill Bermuda grass in a zoysia lawn. However, you can use Acclaim multiple times to suppress the Bermuda enough to allow the zoysia to fill in and smother it out eventually.

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