Brown Patch Disease – In Fescue

Q: I have this condition all over my fescue yard. Could you tell me what it is?

A: It’s almost certainly brown patch disease. The circular spots with a green center give it away.

Brown patch favors high relative humidity as well as temperatures of over 80°F during the day and over 60°F at night. It also occurs in areas that experience more than 10 hours a day of leaf wetness for several consecutive days.

Over-fertilization and over-watering are associated with the disease. Brown patch infestation is more severe when the turf is cut to a height less than the optimum for the turf-grass being grown.

Be sure your management of your lawn is correct before reaching for a fungicide.

Propiconazole (click for sources) and thiophthanate-methyl (click for sources) are effective fungicides but read the label to be sure the product you choose can be applied to lawns.

see Brown Patch Lawn Disease

Brown Patch Pictures

fescue brown patch

brown patch on fescue 1

brown patch on fescue 2

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