Centipedegrass – Overseeding With Ryegrass

Q: Can you tell me the pros and cons of overseeding my centipedegrass lawn with winter ryegrass?

A: Some folks enjoy green turf so much they overseed their bermudagrass lawn with ryegrass each fall to have a green front yard when bermudagrass is normally brown.

Although bermudagrass tolerates overseeding, centipedegrass does not. The fertilizer you give ryegrass will stimulate the centipedegrass and make it susceptible to freezing.

Ryegrass growing on top of centipedegrass holds winter moisture and causes disease on the centipedegrass. Rye also competes with centipedegrass when the centipedegrass is trying to green-up in spring.

Let your centipedegrass lawn go dormant in November and take a break from mowing!

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