Centipedegrass – Tifblair

Q: Will centipedegrass perform well in north Cobb county?

A: One of the great success stories of the lawn seed industry is the work of Dr. Wayne Hanna at the USDA Coastal Plains Experiment Station in Tifton. In 1977, realizing that centipedegrass doesn’t tolerate cold winters very well, he began irradiating seed, planting them in cold weather conditions and selecting the survivors. By 1985 he had developed a centipedegrass that could survive winters in Blairsville, GA and as far north as Virginia. He named the seed ‘TifBlair’.

I suggest you look for ‘TifBlair’ seed or sod and plant it in May. It makes a superior low maintenance turfgrass.

See TifBlair Extends the Range of Centipede for more information.

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