Dimension 2EW – Usage On Zoysia

Q: There is a pre-emergent called Dimension 2EW that specifically lists mulberry weed as a target. Do you know if this product can be used in a perennial garden setting as well as on zoysia grass?

A: Dimension 2EW is a very concentrated liquid pre-emergent that contains the chemical dithiopyr. Due to its toxicity to fish, it is only appropriate for professional landscapers. The concentrate is very expensive. Most lawns or landscapes would only need a small amount. As you note, it is labeled for control of mulberry weed. There are several homeowner products that also contain dithiopyr: Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer, Bonide DuraTurf Weed Preventer, etc. In the interest of safety and economy I think you should use one of these products to control mulberry weed, making a half-strength application in March and again in May.

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