Fescue – Yellowing

Q: I have seeded and re-seeded tall fescue grass for seven years, with not much success. In my frustration this past fall, I cut a couple trees down to increase light, had my soil tested, tilled the yard to 4” deep, installed a sprinkler system, applied starter fertilizer and then scattered tall fescue seed. I have had very good germination rate, but the grass has stopped growing and now is turning yellow in many spots, about 60-70% of the lawn.

A: Wow – you’ve applied lots of work but left out one important thing: regular fertilizing.

Fescue needs LOTS of fertilizer in fall after the seeds have germinated. I recommend Sept., Nov., Feb. and Apr. feedings.

You should fertilize now (January) with any turf fertilizer and repeat in April.

Do not fertilize in summer. If the grass becomes slightly yellow, use Ironite to bring the green back.

Don’t forget to apply a weed preventer in early March.

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