Front Yard Is Dirt And Wood Chips – How To Turn It Into A Zoysia Lawn?

Q: My front yard is nothing but dirt and wood chips because of a sewer line fix. My plan is to apply in April an inch of landscaping mix, then lay down zoysia sod. Am I doing it right?

A: Your plan sounds good but you will be way ahead of the game if you till the landscape mix into the existing soil, at least six inches deep. Grass roots don’t like to grow through different kinds of soil and your existing earth and the landscape mix are markedly different from each other. While you’re at it, mix in starter fertilizer and lime, according to a soil test recommendation. You can get details on how to have your soil tested at best time to lay zoysia sod is in late April or early May. Before then the soil is too cold for grass plants to root very well.

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