Managing Centipede Grass

Manage Care

Q: I was having a guy manage my centipede lawn but after a treatment killed half my lawn I decided to try it myself. Should I be doing anything now?

A: Centipede grass has a reputation for being hard to manage but that image is ill-deserved. I think trouble arises when managers try to do too much. Centipede care is the opposite of bermuda grass or fescue. It thrives under less care, not more. To that end, your first step is to download the appropriate lawn care calendar and cultivation factsheet from here. Note that a mowing height of less than two inches is best for centipede grass. Fertilizer is applied only twice per year. Using a pre-emergent incorrectly can easily cause centipede decline. If you understand and follow my directions, I feel sure you can have a centipede lawn that will be the pride of the neighborhood.

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