Overseeding Thin Bermudagrass – With Bermudagrass Seed

Q: Our home was sodded with bermuda six years ago but we’ve neglected it since then. We’d like to bring it back. Can it be overseeded with bermuda seed to thicken it up?  

A: You can overseed a thin bermudagrass lawn with bermudagrass seed but it’s key to put the tiny seed in close contact with the soil. To that end, in early May rent a core aerator and go over the lawn three times in varying directions. Apply a pound of seed per 1000 square feet. To get even coverage, mix each pound of seed with five pounds of grits or dry play sand before spreading. After the seed is down, drag a piece of carpet or chainlink fence over the area to break up the aerator cores and put the tiny seed close to the soil surface. Apply one inch of water immediately after planting. Then apply enough water to prevent the top one-half inch of soil from drying each day. Do this until seedlings are 1.5 inches tall. Over the next two months, wean the lawn to a single watering of one inch per week.

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