Should I Overseed Centipede With Ryegrass To Keep Turf Green

Q: Our HOA board is debating whether to overseed centipede grass with rye
grass to keep our turf green all year. What is your opinion? 

A: The main reason you should not overseed centipede grass with rye grass is
that you’ll severely weaken the turf before summer sets in. This grass needs
all the resources it can get to greenup in spring. Rye grass robs nutrients and
will reduce sunshine on the underlying centipede. When the rye dies in spring,
you will be left with a weak, patchy stand of centipede grass. Golf courses can
overseed bermuda with ryegrass because they have the expertise and can
perform the daily monitoring that is needed. If you are willing to hire someone
to visit daily from September to June, you might be successful. If not, I
predict you will be sorry.

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