St. Augustine Grass – Planting From Sprigs

Q: I just got through reseeding my fescue lawn, again, and I’m tired of the process! What are your thoughts on St. Augustine grass?

I grew-up with St. Augustine in South Texas, and love the fact that it is about as maintenance free as any turf grass!

It seems to grow better in the shade than Bermuda or Zoysia, and it seems to me that it spreads much quicker. Do you think I can make a smooth transition by sprigging my fescue in the spring with St. Augustine?

And if so, will it survive the Atlanta winters, which seem to be getting warmer by the year.

A: I have St. Augustine in my own lawn in Decatur; it’s been great for 4 years. I sprigged it into fescue and it took 2 years to really cover up the fescue, but since then its always been green and easy to take care of.

Q2: How far apart did you plant your sprigs? And do you recommend any specific place to purchase them? And any special winterization?

A2: I put them about 8 – 10 inches apart. I simply bought a piece of St. Augustine sod from Pike and washed it good in a tub of water. It was easy to pull apart the sod pieces afterwards.

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