St. Augustine Lawn – How To Get Rid Of Florida Pusley


Q: I have been fighting for years to get rid of Florida pusley in my St. Augustine lawn. I pull six big plastic bags of the weed out every year. I’m kind of at the end of my rope and need some help. 

A: Florida pusley is a tough weed to control. Small plants quickly send out stems which form low, wide patches. The white, star-shaped flowers set seed just a few days after flowering and pusley flowers anytime temperatures are above freezing. It starts in bare spots in your lawn so be sure your lawn management is top-notch: correct fertilization, mowing height, and quick control of pests are critical. The weed can be pulled by hand if it is in a small spot but in a large lawn, you’ll need to use chemical control. I preface the following with: “Be careful! Read and follow the label!”. The product Roundup for Southern Lawns5 (CQ) contains penoxsulam and is labeled for use on St. Augustine lawns. The product MSM Turf contains metsulfuron and is effective at very low rates. Both will injure trees and shrubs if mixed or used incorrectly. It may take a couple of years but you can control Florida pusley by combining good lawn care with effective chemicals.

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