St. Augustine- Mowing

Q: Please referee a debate between me and my husband. My husband is out mowing our St. Augustine lawn in 85 degree afternoon heat. I say it is bad for the St. Augustine grass to be cut when it’s hot. He sees it as exercise and time to sweat. I see it as a potential heart attack. Who is right?

A: I think your concern should be about his health, not that of the grass. It’s true that St. Augustinegrass transpires a bit more water when cut in the middle of the afternoon, but not enough to hurt it. I’m not a doctor, but it seems like your husband is trying to get exercise in the only way he knows how. Go out and offer him some artificially sweetened tea and some apple slices to refresh him after his work. Encourage him to find elderly neighbors who have a hard time mowing their lawns and suggest he do it for them. Celebrate every bit of exercise he gets and set a good example by eating right and exercising yourself. Pretty soon you BOTH will be out there mowing in the heat of the day!

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