What To Put Under Child Play Set?

how and when to aerate bermudagrass

Q: We have a play set in the sun for our toddler. The soil underneath is dry and cracking. What would you recommend to put there so she can crawl and not get eaten up by ants or cut by mulch? 

A: You have two choices: zoysia sod or Bermuda sod. Either would work. I asked my 9-year-old friend Gabe to evaluate the feel of Emerald zoysia on his feet in my neighbor’s lawn and he reports it is very soft. There are other fine-bladed zoysias are available besides Emerald. Any Bermuda variety you choose would thrive in full sun. The key to success is to prepare the spot before you lay the sod. It will not easily root into bare, uncultivated soil. You could easily lay the sod one weekend and have your child play on it next weekend.

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