Zoysia – Inside And Outside House

Q: Can you give suggestions for starting zoysia from seed in flats on a window sill? I would like to grow my own plugs and then move them outside when the weather gets warm in the summer. What variety of zoysia would you recommend for a fenced backyard with a lot of dogs?

A: I have bad news on two counts. First, zoysiagrass will not grow well on the windowsill. All grasses demand high sunshine levels and even the sunniest windowsill will not provide enough light for zoysia to thrive. Secondly, zoysia can tolerate traffic from a couple of small dogs but is simply not going to be able to recover from the damage several dogs will do to it. I have details on landscaping for dogs at http://www.walterreeves.com/insects-and-animals/dogs-landscaping-for/.

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