Zoysia – Variations In Product

Q: Last spring I had my yard completely resodded with Emerald zoysia. This fall I had to remove shrubs around a fire hydrant. I had the same landscaper finish the area with Emerald zoysia so it would match the rest of the yard. However, I think the last sod might not be Emerald zoysia. It is a much darker green, it hasn’t grown much at all and just has a slightly different look.

A: You’re right to be suspicious: not all sod sold as Emerald zoysia is really the variety ‘Emerald’. UGA turf expert Clint Waltz collected sixteen sample of sod sold as Emerald and did a DNA analysis. He found great variability both their DNA profile and in their spring green-up. It’s hard to assign blame: sod merchants may believe their sod is ‘Emerald’ because it looks like a previous shipment but only by observing it during spring and fall transition can differences be readily seen.

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